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In recent years, Lakewood has become a little less popular because of folks wanting to move out into the more rural areas surrounding JBLM.

And there are lots of opportunities for employment.

Lacey is the #2 or 3 most desirable community in the JBLM area. of Lacey and Olympia can run together, and be a little confusing.

Some of the best new home prices in the area can be found in Graham…the trade off is traffic and congestion. Field, and is very convenient to post…and will be even more so with the cross base freeway.

Home prices in Spanaway are very reasonable, although that will most likely change (to the benefit of those who already own there), and traffic patterns and Roy and Mc Kenna are great small agricultural towns separated from the freeway by JBLM.

Tacoma commutes vary from 15 minutes to over an hour…as mentioned earlier, traffic to the north can be miserable.

The most popular area south of post is Lacey, followed closely by Yelm, Lacey is about 10 minutes from the main gate.The northern edge of Lacey is referred to as Hawks Prairie, which has a fairly large military and retired population.

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Yelm is about 14 miles from Lacey, and can be accessed by following hwy 507 from Roy, or via the Nisqually Valley south of JBLM. Olympia is the Washington State Capital, and is also home to a very large military and retired military population.Steilacoom is a little known community on Puget Sound, make sure you drive out to's minutes from post.Out the back gate, the towns of Roy, Mc Kenna and Yelm are also very accessable and have become very desirable areas for military relocation buyers moving to Washington.The downtown features lots of street front shopping, a large port and marina, and is well known for it’s large farmers market. Tumwater is especially well known for the Olympia Brewery (now shut down), and for it’s historical attractions.Olympia is also the jumping off point for a drive up the west side of the sound…or a trip to the coast. While Tumwater is a bit of a drive from post, it is a nice place to live and raise a family…and there are lots of new construction homes on the market. There is a large military population in Lakewood, of both home owners and renters.